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Downloading and Installing Palm Bible+

To download Palm Bible+, please visit the Files page (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/files.htm) and download the latest version*. Palm Bible+ is contained within a .zip file format. To unzip, use a program such as WinZip. That program will extract the files and place them onto a folder on your computer's hard drive. Identify where you unzipped the program and open the Palm Bible+ folder and open the folder.

PalmBible+ is distributed in three differnt versions:

*From time to time there will be beta (or testing) versions of Palm Bible+ availiable from the Files page. Please use these beta versions at your own risk. For the best stability, use the latest non-beta versions of Palm Bible+.

Getting Started

Within Palm Bible+, there are four versions of the program designed to meet the needs of nearly all PalmOS users. Below, you will find the names of each of the versions of Palm Bible+ and their purposes.

To install, double click on the version of Palm Bible+ that best suits your device. If you are not sure as to which one would work for you, install Palmbible_eng.prc. HotSync your device to install Palm Bible+.


For Palm Bible+ to be used, you must have at least one bible installed. Bibles can be downloaded from the Bibles page (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/bibles.htm). Once you have downloaded the bible(s) that you would like to use, follow the same steps as above for installing PalmBible+ during the HotSync.

Palm Bible+ can support up to 48 bibles/commentaries. For inquiries about specific bible versions please visit our Forums. If you would like to create your own bible for use within Palm Bible+, please visit the Create Your Own Bible page (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/createbible.htm) at the Palm Bible+ website.

Please note that bibles purchased for other bible readers (Olive Tree, Landarn, etc.) will not work under Bible+. To obtain permission to use most modern versions (Amplified, New Living, New International, New King James, etc.), please contact the publisher of the respective versions.

Optional Programs Supported by Palm Bible+

Palm Bible+ has come about becasue of the work of many different programmers. Some have added to the functionality of Palm Bible+ by the addition of some features. These features, included with all distributions of Palm Bible+, are listed below.

Using Palm Bible+

Now that you have installed Palm Bible+ (and possibly some of its options); here is an explaination of the features of Palm Bible+ and how to use them.

The User Interface

When you first open Palm Bible+, you have a splash scree that tells you the version of Palm Bible+ that you are running, plus a scripture of encouragement. You are then greeted with the scripture and menu icons at the top of the screen.

(from left to right)


Bible+ was designed with the general and advanced bible reader in mind. Therefore, navigation throughout Bible+ follows a simple mindset of allowing the user to do many things with either icon taps or Graffiti™ input.

Notes and Footnotes

PalmBible plus supports writing notes and exporoting them to Memo Pad. It also has support for viewing embedded footnotes, and annotations within bookmarks.


To get to the notes screen either do the command stroke (activated by a bottom left to top right stroke in the Graffiti™ area) and then writing the letter M; or, by tapping the menu button and going to Go, then clicking To Personal Notes. You will be presented with a screen that looks similar to the Memo Pad screen. There are two buttons on the top right of the screen. The Export button sends all text on the screen into a Memo Pad file. The Close button sends you back to the bible versions screen.

Footnotes and Bookmarks

Bible+ supports viewing footnotes (activated by the command stroke and then writing the letter N). These footnotes are embedded within the bible and cannot be edited. You can add annotations to a verse via the Bookmark function. Either tap the bookmark icon at the top right of the screen, write the command stroke and the letter A, or tap the menu button > Go > Add Bookmark. You will then see a button that says Note. This button will lead you to a screen that will enable you to write a note within that particular verse. On verses that are commonally accessed, a good idea would be to date each annotation.


PalmBible+ is a very versatile bible reading program. Via the preferences, set controls, and skinning options, one can personalize Bible+ to be as comfortable as possible.


Skins, Fonts, and Plugins

Bible+ can be enhanced by different skins, fonts, and plugins. To use a particular skin, font, or plugin: download the desired skin, font, or plugin; install via Hotsync; then go to Options > Skins and Plugins. Once there, activate the desired skin, font, or plugin. Bible+ will then restart. Reenter Bible+ to see the skin, font, or plugin in action.

NOTE: Only one Greek and one Hebew can be active at one time. Enabling more than one of each will result in your handheld freezing and restarting.

To create a skin, font or plugin, please visit the PalmBible+ website (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net), click on Bibles (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/bibles.htm) and then click on Create Your Own Bible (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/createbible.htm). For more assistance, please visit the Help section within our Forums (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/forums.htm) .

Set Controls

The Set Controls option allows for you to customize buttons and icons to your preference. There are numerous ways to use this function to customize Bible+ to your liking. There is an option to go back to the default settings if you feel that your customizations are not right and want to start over.

NOTE: When upgrading to a new version of Bible+, your preferences may or may not be saved (depending if there is need of a clean install or not). If a clean install of PalmBible+ is required for an upgrade, the PBPLConfig.pdb file can be moved to an expansion card via program such as Filez or McFile. Then you can proceed with the upgrade.

Troubleshooting and Support

For all questions regarding the operation of PalmBible+, including installation, bible versions, and availiablity, please refer to our Forums (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/forums.htm) and its Help section. Anncouncements about new versions and bug fixes can also be found in the Forums.

Please direct all questions about this manual or the PalmBible+ website to d-roC. For all other inquires, please refer to the Help area in the Forums and then Yi-Chun Hu.

If you are having problems with a new version after installation, please follow these steps:

  1. Using a file management program, such as Filez or McFile (both available at PalmGear (http://palmgear.com), move the PBPLBookmarks.pdb file to your memory card (any place on the card will do; you will have to copy it back to the main memory later).
  2. Delete the version that you currently have using the Delete function from the default launcher. This will ensure that all pieces of Bible+ will be removed.
  3. Download the latest version (if you have not already) from the Files area on the PalmBible+ website (http://palmbibleplus.sourceforge.net/files.htm)
  4. Install that latest downloaded version via HotSync.
  5. Using the file management program from step 1, copy the PBLPBookmarks.pdb file back to the main memory.
  6. Open Bible+ on your device.
  7. Do the same thing that you were doing the last time that PalmBible+ crashed on you.
    1. If it does crash, post the details of your crash, along with your device model and version of the operating system (found by tapping on the Home Button > Tap the Time at the top left > Tap Info > Go to the box called Version and under the word device you will find that information).
    2. If it does not crash, :-)


Here is the team responsble for putting together Palm Bible+ and all of its resources:
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